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Algebra and geometry - Geogebra -
Algebra and geometry - C.A.R -
Early learning - Gcompris -
Early learning - Childsplay -
Early learning  - Number race -
Early Learning - 2+2

Virtual globe - NASA World Wind -
Middle School - Science, Maths and English - MySkoool - This is both a download and a website -
planetarium (Earth Centric) - Stellarium -

Virtual Globe and Planetarium - Google Earth 
Planetarium (space ship) - Celestia -  please  note this does NOT work well with eBeam or many other IWB's - but it is very cool.
Microscope - Virtual Lab -
Data logging - Maths Trax -
Chemistry - Avogadro
Physics - Phet

Physics  - Phun - This is a great 2d sandbox to make whatever you like and see what happens
3D physics - Golems - This is similar to phun but in real 3D
BioInteractive - Interactive flash website that has a range of higher level biology based interactive labs
a 3d Game to learn about the immune system Immune Attack -

Society and Environment

3Dworlds - use 3D to explore -  topics and can be authored easily by teachers
 Discover Babylon - a learning environment based on archeology


WordTalk adds the ability to control Text to speech in MS Word via a tool bar
Click n type - A cusomisable on screen keyboard with scanning.
Talking word processor with word grids - Edword - Symbol maker - Grid Maker.
 Movie Storm - A free 3D movieMaker where you have complete control over actors, scenes, dialogue and action.
 jQuizShow - a quiz game for the whole class ala WWTBAM

Computers and Technology
Networks and internet - Cisco Learning Arcade
Electronics - Fritzing 

Programming - Scratch
Programming - Alice
Image manipulation - GIMP
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is the mixture of virtual and real worlds on the one projection in real time. Although no specifically for IWB use it does add another dimension to your use of a data projector.

Read more: http://halljackson.blogspot.com/p/free-open-source.html#ixzz3OtkihwHG




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