ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

Syllabus code 0417

Candidates should be able to demonstrate their ability to use a range of software packages in practical and work-related contexts, also candidates should be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the structure of ICT systems, the roles of these systems in organisations and their impact on society. These two elements are detailed below.


1. Types and components of computer systems

2. Input and output devices

3. Storage devices and media

4. Computer networks

5. Data types

6. The effects of using ICT

7. The ways in which ICT is used

8. Systems analysis and design


1. Communication (internet and email)

2. Document production (word processing)

3. Data manipulation (spreadsheets)

4. Data analysis (databases)

5. Website authoring

6. Presentation authoring


There are three examinations.

Two practical papers (2.5 hrs) and one theory paper (2 hrs).

The weighting can be seen below. Objective Weighting

  • Practical Skills 60%
  • Knowledge and understanding 40%

List of Topics that you must cover for IGCSE ICT
Some General Concepts

1. Types and Components of Computers
2. Input and Output Devices
3. Storage Devices and Media
4. Computer Networks
5. Data Type and Organisation
6. The Effects of Using ICT
7.1 ICT Use in Everyday Life
7.2 ICT Use in the Workplace
8 Systems Analysis & Design