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19. Programming for the web [Download Slideshow]

It is recommended that for this section of the syllabus, candidates should have a working knowledge of html and css, (for example, have studied website authoring in Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, syllabus 0417).

Candidates should be able to use JavaScript to:

    • demonstrate a range of object-based programming techniques
    • recognise data types (including: number, string, Boolean, array, object)
    • assign and understand the term variables
    • carry out calculations and basic string manipulation
    • use arrays
    • use comparison and logical operators
    • use conditional statements (including: if, else, else if, switch)
    • use loops (including: for, for/in, while, do/while)
    • use iterative methods
    • create functions
    • trap errors
    • control events
    • create html forms to interact with the user
    • add comments to explain JavaScript code
    • add interactivity to webpages







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