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Create the animations below







Assignment: 1

In this assignment, you will create an interactive “choose your own adventure” narrative story using Flash. Your narrative should be a unique story that you create that consists of at least three scenes of animation.  Here’s a very simple example:



[Watch the Video Solution]



The structure of the narrative

‘Start’ scene:

  • Includes title of movie/story and a short introductory sequence (i.e. the character is involved in some kind of action; you create a shape tween to morph the first frame into a shape, etc.)

Next, have the user make a choice:

  • Ask the user to indicate what should happen next via buttons in Flash
  • Present at least two choices
  • Those choices should lead to different animations than the one you created for the intro animation.

Behind Door A…(resulting action):

  • If the user selects ‘A,’ (e.g., ‘Go to Nebula’) they’ll next see that action occur
  • Similarly, if user selects choice ‘B’ (e.g.,’Go to Comet’), that action will follow the click
  • Loop back to the ‘Start’ scene so they can select the other option if they like
  • This user’s choice frame can work as your end, or optionally, you can create a last frame of the movie that reads ‘the end’ or otherwise offers some finish. If you choose to do this you need to prevent the user from looping back to the ‘Start’ scene.



Assignment: 2

  1. Any animation that is meaning to convey a message usually requires the animation of text. In this activity, you will show how to easily animate the letters in your name.

  2. First, create a new Actionscript 2.0 File in Flash.  
  3. Use the text tool to type out your full first name.
  4. Right click your name and break the letters apart, then distribute them to layers.
  5. Click the first frame on each letter layer and convert each one to a symbol. Remember to change the type to "Graphic" for this animation. Create new keyframes at 5 frame increments and move all of the letters around on the stage.
  6. Move them anywhere you'd like at each keyframe and rotate them around for interest.
  7. Once you have reached 30 frames total for each letter, create a classic tween for each movement. You may also take the extra step and add an underline or animate your last name as well.

    Once you have finished this project, save it as a .FLA file and name it lastname + firstname + period # + flying. Export the project as a .SWF file.
  8. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Assignment: 3

Half Yearly IT Exam

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